Meet Mariana

An ex-banker turned realtor, Mariana was born and raised in Bulgaria and credits her creativity, accent and sense of humour to her Eastern European heritage. As a mover and shaker in Social Media, New Development Projects and Her City Wide community of Boss ladies and gents, Mariana has a healthy obsession with her two year old Boston Terrier, Florence.

Also known as “The Wolf of King Street” for her loyalty and fierce negotiating style, Mariana is very easygoing but when it comes to her clients, she is determined and protective of their interests. She approaches her clients and real estate without any air of artificiality, superiority or intimidation. She speaks and interacts in a manner that brings clients close and looks after them as friends. She works very hard for her clients and always wants the best for them, their future and their lifestyle. Having the ability to speak five different languages and breaking language and cultural barriers is something she thrives on.

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